Flapjack Lakes


Back in Mrs. Brown’s sixth grade class, I was given an assignment to plan a vacation. I could pick wherever in the world I wanted to go—the assignment asked only that I gather all of the pertinent information for the visit and then make a budget and detailed plan in order to get there. Without much deliberation, […]

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Double Lives

Breakfast for Dinner

The weather this week has had us feeling pensive and melancholy, in a nice sort of way. Even though we know that the pre-fall rain and chill we’ve had lately are sure to be short-lived, we can’t help but think about pulling out our sweaters, making some hot tea, and curling up with a book by […]

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Toils of Summer Gardening

Garden Featured Image 2

Even though growing food is an ancient human practice, it never seems to get old to us. Without fail there’s always a new discovery, or challenge, waiting around the corner, especially when you start to think you’ve mastered some aspect of the art. For relatively new gardeners like us, this abnormally hot summer has made us […]

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